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S'abonner Se désabonner

Situated in the very center of die Marais, the long, welcoming bar of this casual and friendly restaurant has become the pre-eminent hangout for the city‘s expat jazz community, which is only natural as the downstairs jazz cellar regularly hosts some of the town‘s leading musicians, such as saxophonist Steve Potts, drummer John Betsch, and pianists Chris Culpo and Alain Jean-Marie.

The upstairs restaurant, with its cut stone walls, big windows looking onto the courtyard terrace and open kitchen, draws a pleasing mix of locals and students, all attracted by the generous portions and affordable prices. Many of the dishes display a taste for Mediterranean flavors, improvising over more traditional dishes, such as the addition of roasted eggplant to a classic salad of mozzarella, tomatoes and balsamic dressing, or the extra tang provided by pink peppercorn chutney to the rouget wrapped in crispy filo pastry.

Julie Baker, Paris Voice, September 2002

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