John Betsch

photo: © Nathalie Delacretaz

A prolific, solid drummer who's played with several major free musicians in the '70s,'80s and '90s, John Betsch hasn't landed the major label recording pact or high profile gig that would get him more recognition. Instead, he's contented himself with aggressive, outstanding drumming on many first-rate sessions.
Betsch has played with Billy Bang, Thomas Chapin, Marty Cook, Marilyn Crispell, Abdullah Ibrahim and Steve Lacy among others. He currently has no sessions available on CD as a leader, but can be heard on the dates of Bang, Lacy, Crispell, and many others.
Ron Wynn @ All Music Guide

John joue au 7 Lézards avec Sylvia Howard, Achille Gajo, 3 Elements (avec Dimos Goudaroulis et Michael Felberbaum), Steve Potts, Avram Fever, Frederick Tuxx et autres.


Billy Bang - Fire from Within (1984)
Jeri Brown - April in Paris (1996)
Thomas Chapin - Radius (1984)
Don Cherry - Journey (1977)
Marty Cook - Nightwork (1986)
Marilyn Crispell - Live in Berlin (1982)
Abdullah Dollar Brand... - Africa: Tears and Laughter (1979)
Abdullah Dollar Brand... - Good News from Africa: Portrait (1979)
Klaus Konig Orchestra - At the End of the Universe (1992)
Steve Lacy + 16 - Itinerary (1990)
Steve Lacy Sextet - Live at Sweet Basil (1991)
Steve Lacy Double Sextet - Clangs (1992)
Steve Lacy Octet - Vespers (1993)
Steve Lacy Quartet - Revenue (1993)
Steve Lacy - Bye-Ya (1996)
Steve Lacy Trio - Rent (1999)
Steve Lacy & Roswell Rudd - Monk's Dream (2000)
Steve Lacy - Findings
Simon Nabatov - Inside Looking Out (1988)
Mario Pavone - Sharpeville (2000)
Jim Pepper - Dakota Song (1987)
Jim Pepper - Path (1988)
Elvira Plenar - I Was Just...
Dan Rose - Conversations (1993)
Roswell Rudd - Broad Strokes (2000)
Archie Shepp - I Know About the Life (1981)
Archie Shepp Sextet - Tribute to Sidney Bechet (1981)
Horace Tapscott & Sonny... - Among Friends (1999)
Henry Threadgill Sextet - When Was That? (1982)
Henry Threadgill Sextet - Just the Facts and Pass the Bucket (1983)
Henry Threadgill - Subject to Change (1984)
Henry Threadgill Sextet - Facts
Mal Waldron - Quadrologue at Utopia (1987)
Mal Waldron - No More Tears (For Lady Day) (1988)
Mal Waldron - Mal Dance and Soul
Mal Waldron - Spring in Prague

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